"HR Management Fundamentals"

HR Management Fundamentals

HR Management Fundamentals Training

Being a new HR manager or business partner requires a comprehensive understanding of human resource management elements of an organization. The HR Management Fundamentals course will cover various aspects of HRM that a manager or HR professional will have to face on their assignment.

The HR Management Fundamentals training  is suitable for new HR managers or HR practitioners who would like to expand their knowledge in the overall spectrums of HRM.

The Benefits:

– Understand the HR management concept
– Understand the operational & strategic roles of HR management
– Understand the comprehensive cycle of HR management
– Able to apply HR management practices in study cases
– Able to develop HR management action plan


– HR management concepts & theories
– Job specification and responsibilities of HR manager
– Employment terms & conditions
– Recruitment & selection
– HR planning
– Job analysis
– Compensation & benefits
– Performance appraisal
– Training & development
– Employee relations
– Termination or separation
– Change management

Recommended Participants:
– HR professionals
– Managers
– New HR management

Training Schedule:

25-26 January 2016
14-15 March 2016
9-10 May 2016
18-19 July 2016
15-16 September 2016
3-4 November 2016

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